Experience you can count on

Alice Bexon, MD

  • Oncologist trained in UK and France
  • Monitor and medical monitor for 3 years
  • Sanofi medical director for 2.5 years
  • Roche medical lead for 6 years
  • Clinical development since 2006
  • Wide-ranging regulatory and FDA Ad Comm experience
  • Set up BCC in 2008

Martin Bexon, MD

  • Trained in the UK and New Zealand
  • Clinical program director at CSL Behring PA for 3 years
  • International medical leader, at Roche for 6 years
  • Numerous successful filings in US, Europe and Japan
  • Clinical development for BCC since 2013

Karlijn Kroon, MD

  • Trained in Netherlands and Australia
  • 15 years in clinical research for Parexel, NDDO Oncology, Eli Lily and Aventis
  • 4 years at Free University, Amsterdam
  • Primary care physician since 2009
  • Extensive experience in medical monitoring and clinical team leadership
  • Medical monitoring and mentoring for BCC since 2013