Owned and run by MDs

Bexon Clinical Consulting is owned and run by physicians with proven track records in North America, Europe and Asia, headquartered in NJ, USA.

Having worked in pharmaceutical and biotech companies for many years, we became frustrated with long lead times and lack of cohesion when using outsourced medical and clinical contractors.

We felt we could provide better support with a trained team that knows how to get things done. So, we said goodbye to big pharma and opened Bexon Clinical Consulting in 2008. Today we employ more than 30 experts serving clients in numerous countries.

Our global network of clinical and medical experts means we can take on any project, whatever the scope or scale.

CMO support

We are able to take on CMO responsibilities or support your existing CMO and clinical team. If your CMO doesn’t have the appropriate specialty, we can provide the therapeutic area knowledge and leadership. Or, if your CMO is occupied with fund raising, investor relations and BOD responsibilities, we can manage the hands-on, day-to-day medical responsibilities.